Cathey Brackett: Hailing originally from the mountains of western North Carolina, Cathey Brackett has lived and worked in the Atlanta area for over forty (40) years. Although Cathey received a degree in journalism from UNC – Chapel Hill, her work life has revolved around the field of commercial real estate, performed both in law office and corporate settings.

Past volunteer activities that she found rewarding were working with the pre-op and mascot programs at Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital and as a reading mentor at Atlanta City Schools with the Everybody Wins program.

Cathey enjoys traveling, playing bridge, going to movies and reading. She likes, and keeps, cats but doesn’t consider herself crazy; plus, she has not had to intentionally seek out a pet in many years.

Cathey retired in the fall of 2016 and is still loosely plotting out future plans. She is grateful that retirement allowed her to become a part of the Avon Garden Club and for the opportunities the club provides for learning about gardening and beautification, for socializing and for community involvement.

Cathey plans to take what she learns through the club for the betterment of not only her own yard but for the Stratford Green community where she lives.