Carol Gray grew up in Glen ridge, NJ (The Garden State!) where she said she “had the best tomatoes and corn every summer.” When it came time to pick a college, Carol chose Ohio Wesleyan, majoring in art with a teaching certificate. After graduation, she married her college sweetheart, Ken Gray, and the couple stayed on in Ohio so that Carol could teach 5th-12th grade art in Centerburg.

The Grays came to Georgia in 1974 so that Ken could go to Emory to work on his doctorate. However, jobs were scarce for college professors and Ken wound up bartending and eventually managing at Everybody’s Pizza. Meanwhile, Carol was teaching middle school art in Douglasville and commuting from Decatur. After nine years of teaching, she decided to try some different jobs before finding what she describes as her “happiest job as a free lance calligrapher, also working for and sharing studio space with Don Connelly. Mostly I did wedding work, addressing invitations, place cards, etc. I retired from that two years ago and now just do calligraphy for myself and the occasional friend.”

Carol does not consider herself a gardener but enjoys caring for a lovely pond in their backyard. She is especially fond of pitcher plants. Carol says that the couple “also does pretty well with house plants and I have found the two programs I attended particularly helpful.”