p maddoxPat Frontier Maddox’s family moved to Avondale from Chicago when she was just a year old.  Her father was in the furniture business and he had designed & patented a brass planter lamp which enabled the family to leave the frigid north and move to the sunny south in 1948.  Coincidentally, Pat inherited one of the few remaining brass lamps upon the death of her aunt recently.  Over the years, members of Pat’s family have owned & lived in 6 different homes in Avondale!  Pat reports, “Daddy always used to say, ‘The Frontiers have certainly paid their fair share of taxes in this city!"     She goes on to state that growing up in Avondale Estates during the 50's & 60's was idyllic. “I was a member of the original Avondale Swim Team from 1956-1963.  We were an AAU team & traveled all over the southeast each summer to compete in AAU-affiliated swim meets.  My brother, sister & I were fortunate to attend AES & AHS during the "glory days" of the 50's & 60's when Avondale had championship athletic teams, abundant school spirit & outstanding teachers who encouraged us to do ordinary things in extraordinary ways.  (I had a marvelous English teacher my junior and senior years...thank you Robin Dashiell Scott).”  

Pat’s first job was as a secretary in the accounting department of the Stone Mountain Memorial Association., and her first boss and mentor was Mary Payne.  Pat remarks, “How lucky can a girl get?”

“I was fortunate to be a stay-at-home mom after my two daughters were born in '68 and '72.  I joined the work force once again in 1983 when I worked for a criminal defense attorney in Decatur until my retirement in 2013.  David & I are blessed to have a "blended family" with four children between us, and we are further blessed to have 11 grandchildren & 2 great-grandchildren!”

Pat enjoys gardening, baking, calligraphy, decorating the house for all the holidays, including an immense Santa collection with over 250 Santa's.  However, she is the first to report that her pride & joy are my grandchildren and she enjoys spending as much time with them as possible!