d aillionDonna Aliion has been a member of Avon Garden Club for many years and currently serves on the Membership Committee, a post she has held for several years.  Donna is married and has one son.  She is an animal lover.  In addition to her activity in Avon Garden Club, Donna is also active in the Avondale Woman’s Club and currently serves as Vice President of that group.  Donna says that 27 years ago she and her husband were living in a small Decatur home.  One Saturday she noticed a house for sale on Avondale Lake.  She says that she called her husband and told him that they were going to buy the house on the lake.  When her husband replied that one does not purchase a house sight unseen, Donna made arrangements for them to see the house the next day.  They wrote a contract on the house the following Thursday and the family has lived in the house across from the Lake ever since.

t followillTerry Followill is fairly new to Avondale Estates and to Avon Garden Club.  Terry’s brother Jim Davis has lived on Fairfield for many years.  Terry has two married children who live in the Atlanta area, a son in Tucker and a daughter in Virginia-Highlands.  Terry serves on the Garden Therapy Committee.  She relates the following anecdote:  Over Labor Day of 2014 I was in a group that spent the week-end at a cabin in Highlands that had been highly recommended.  The cabin was charming but damp and musty, so we were pretty disappointed.  Our opinion changed, however, when we happened to learn that the previous renter was the author Pat Conroy and that the cabin was his “go-to” place for a few weeks each summer.  We were star struck!