nov 2019

Rob & Linda Nardone
101 Berkeley Road

The aesthetic punch of the “Hillside Pink Sheffield” Chrysanthemums billowing out in the center of the lower slope like a fluffy cloud accentuates the soft perfection of plant choices of this sloped yard. The balance of two paper bushes on either side, and the color accent of Russian sage and white Phlox help complete the texture and color interest. The lower border of dark green “Yew Prostrada”, just three years old, suggest stability that look as though it’s all been there much longer. Above the billowing puff of mums, tarragon takes over in the fall, with Phlox all around it.

Though this particular mix of loveliness is fairly new, having been created to complement their new stone porch and outdoor fireplace completed fairly recently, this home and garden have been in flux since the couple, newly married, purchased it in 1972. It stands next to Rob’s childhood home, just to the right where Rob had lived since he was five year old.