oct 2019

Dave Nickerson and Mary Galpin
3157 Majestic Circle

The “Amicalola Cottage House” designed by Garrell and Associates, continues to be a work in progress. Dave has been working on installing the landscape design created by Dottie Myers. They had just two ground rules: 1. Create a natural woodland atmosphere, and 2. No grass to mow!

Landscaping was helpfully initiated by neighbors George Brandt who planted Mexican Petunias along the driveway, and Dee Merriam who dropped off Boston Ferns and Iris bulbs from her own garden.

Once motivated to continue the landscaping in June of 2019, the summer that followed was the longest, hottest, and driest in years! During the summer, a trip to California left “amateur gardeners” Kevin, Jack, Kaiden and 3-yesr-old Noah Galpin in charge of watering the new, thirsty plants. Fortunately, the plants survived!

The selection, mostly procured from Intown Nursery, include Blue Atlas Cedar, Trident Maple, Japanese Maple, Blue Rug Juniper, and Christmas Jewel Trees. Also, Cinnamon Girl Distyllium, Blue Cascade Distylium, Japanese Plum Yew, Carex Grass, Soft Caress Mahonia, Rozanne Geranium, Encore Azaleas, Viburnum Moonlit Lace, Heuchera, Florida Sunshine, Cast Iron Plant, Holly Fern, Ajuga, and Japanese Painted Fern. There are also Hostas, Lemon Ball, and October Daphne grouped in planting beds bordered by Mondo grass.

Dave ordered tons of boulders, river rock, sand, and slate from Cumming Landscape Supply to create his dry riverbed and walkways. Mary found the Curcuma plants at Home Depot and insists that they are the highlight of the garden, topped only by “Dave’s Healing Bridge” which is still under construction.