august GOM 2019

Jessica and Selby Neese
3141 Wynn Drive

Our chosen garden for the month of August is that of Jessica and Selby Neese at 3141 Wynn Drive. Owners of “In Bloom Landscaping”, they had looked for 2 ½ years for a large, level lot in Avondale where they could build their dream home. In 2017, Jen Newman, their realtor, found the perfect property for them, and the building began!
With the backdrop of a beautiful mid-century classic white home, they have planted simply in a way that lets the house stand out. Jessica’s creativity with plants, shrubs, and trees is apparent when you take in the scenic enclave they have created. She has rescued some of the shrubs and trees from lots where new owners wanted to “start over” with everything new; thus, even though they have been there just two years, the maturity of many of the plantings such as hydrangeas, tea olives, abelias and euphorbia fold in seamlessly for a peaceful feeling of relaxed elegance.
As you come up the front steps to the entry, nestled in and spilling over her lovely pots and planter you’ll see begonias and browallia complete the feeling of a gentle “welcome to our home”! What a wonderful addition to the lovely gardens of Avondale!