july GOM 2019

Joanna Tatum
50 Clarendon Avenue

Our Garden of the Month for July 2019 is Joanna Tatum’s lovely front yard at 50 Clarendon Avenue. Ms. Tatum owns and is heavily involved in the daily operations of Suburban Nursery School in Decatur which keeps her busy, so she enlisted the help of Juan Erido years ago, and has never looked back! Initially, he was just going to assist with regular cutting and maintenance, but over the years, the partnership has flourished. A lovely garden flow is the result of a combination of Mother Nature’s dictums and the implementation of new ideas throughout the years.
Foundation plants and trees provide balance to the eye as it travels from left to right. The hydrangea and crepe myrtle are balanced by the opposite side’s Camelias and Knockout Roses, and a large Sweetgum in the back corner.
Between the side and front doors, Coleus, Begonias, Wandering Jew, and Pansies nestle together providing a layer of pinks and purples, with differing shades of green in the background provided by Boxwood, Nandinas and Acuba, and the dark red of the lovely Lorapetulum.
But, perhaps the sweetest “surprise” are the pots on either side of the front steps containing “Gaurus”, better known as “Whirling Butterflies”, “Beeblossoms”, or “Wandflowers”. The literal meaning of “Gaurus” is superb, which is a wonderful description of this garden and how it has evolved since its conception in the 70’s.