june GOM 2019

Meredith Smith and Donna Faye
3243 Kensington Road

Our Garden of the Month for June 2019 is that of Meredith Smith and Donna Faye at 3243 Kensington Road. Given the fact that they were one of the six gardens recently chosen for the “Secret Gardens of Avondale” tour held on June 1’st of this year, it stands to reason that their front garden would also be a thing of beauty. Though simple, peaceful and under-stated, the design complements everything around it.
The long crescent of dense hydrangeas which divides the lawn is the main focal point. And, of course, the beautifully chosen roses and ornamental grass in front of the red maple just to their left, along with the contrasting colors and shapes of perennials, complete the plan. They have placed a bed of gravel to the left of the driveway to assist with storm drainage. When you take in the entire composite, you just want to breathe a sigh of contentment and peace.
And, surprise! There’s a touch of humor reflected in the bright colors of the palm tree to add just “a bit of edgy glam”. What fun!!!