may GOM 2019

Chat Choopozcharoen and Joseph Warren
7 Sussex

For our May Garden of the Month, we have selected 7 Sussex, home since 2006 to residents Chat Choopozcharoen and Joseph Warren. When they initially purchased the home, its lovely front façade was practically invisible because of two tall pine trees, which they removed. The couple has transformed the entrance to one that offers a happy, elegant, unpretentious aura, welcoming guests gracefully and graciously. The beautiful maple tree on the verge and the fescue lawn stay colorful and vibrant year-round with a lively selection of shrubs such as Lilacs, Gardenias, Rose of Sharon, Lorapetulum, Hostas, and Sedum. Their tasteful mix of annuals with perennials adds just the right amount of color and interest. Speaking of special interest, the rust and bronze colors in the Thai Rain Barrel to the left front of the plantings is just the right accent in front of and around the shrubs and flowers. This type of pot is sometimes used for bathing in Thailand. And, the good news is that like so many Avondale gardens, Chat and Joseph’s continues around to the back where some real surprises abound! One day, perhaps they will share the deep and beautiful rear garden on one of our tours! This is and will continue to be a reflection of love and care for their beautiful “piece of heaven”.