gom feb 19

Jim Knoer & Kristin Adams
44 Lakeshore Drive

It’s not easy to have a yard that looks beautiful year-round, even in February! Jim Knoer and Kristan Adams’ garden at 44 Lakeshore Drive hits the mark beautifully and is Avon Garden Club’s choice for February Garden of the Month.
Since they moved to Avondale in 2013, Jim and Kristan have been working to combine a balance of plants, shrubs, grasses and trees that will complement the architecture and layout of their lovely home. Fortunately, they found landscaper Laura Sanchez whose clear and compelling vision set them on the right track. Her plan is easy, unpretentious, and flexible enough to comply with modifications dictated by challenges all gardeners face: climate, slope and drainage, soil content, light, and other seasonal changes.
Early on, Kristan’s father gave them forsythia for the new home from his own yard and planted them in the back garden. Now, when it blooms in early spring, that forsythia offers a noble and elegant background aura of soft yellow behind the dark green screen of arborvitae which separates front from back, and hydrangeas, camellias, and magnolias on the slope approaching the front of the garden.
Near the front sidewalk, bright yellow leaves of the Florida Sunshine Anise attract immediate attention as they highlight the two magnolias behind them, and camellias to the left. Moving to the right of the Anise, the contrasting dark green color and fine texture of Soft Caress Mahonia propels your gaze towards the driveway. Further back in that same island, a trio of “Golden Charm” Thread Branch Cypress sits free and wispy near the porch walk and steps.
Approaching the front entrance, 2 hardscapes filled with a Dragon Japanese Maple and decorative yellow and green grass, and a dark evergreen across from It, act as anchors for the steps approaching the front door.
It will be fun to watch how this landscape continues to unfold as everything matures and the owners continue in their imaginative experiment with nature!