gom 0119

Rik & Diane Henry
7 South Avondale Road

The Henrys moved to Avondale 5 ½ years ago and concentrated more on the back and side yards during their first years here.  They tried twice to sod the front yard with “shade-tolerant” grasses, but neither attempt was successful.  Then, this past autumn, they enlisted the talented and experienced Camille Harvey to work with them, and together they have transformed their front garden into a harmoniously beguiling setting. 

The graceful geometry offers a visual feast, and the lovely bench nestled in the copious mounds of dwarf mondo grass which carpet the ground blends in seamlessly.  Along with the new Japanese Maple, the bench, bordered by boxwoods, is a delight from both the street and the house. 

The semi-circle of variegated aloe and colorful annuals (pansies right now) complete the color, texture and charm of this perfectly scaled garden.  All the plants, as well as the hardscape pieces, pique your interest with their layers of color, texture and charm and also offer a perfect blend of fun and tranquility.