september 18 gom

John Gaul & Greg Locke
1154 Berkeley Road

John and Gregg first moved to Avondale in 1997 and loved it so much that when John’s parents decided to downsize in 2000, they bought that home just a few streets away, and sold theirs. During the ensuing years, many changes have been made to the home, as well as the landscape of the yard, reflecting the creative collaboration shared by this couple.

After removing 3 large pine trees that dominated the front garden, they lined the driveway on both sides with Crepe Myrtles, an image John had had from the beginning. Under the new trees to the left, the pink and green of the Caladium leaves contrast with the vibrant yellow and orange of the Lantana to the right.

In front of the walkway to their porch and front door, they replaced old Boxwoods with Cherry Laurel, then planted Spirea in front of the Laurel, and added mixed perennials and annuals like Salvia and Russian Sage to add layering and color, along with Dragonfly Coleus for drama and loose structure. To the left of that, they replaced some aging and leggy Azaleas with lovely red Encore Azaleas.

John also added a low stacked stone wall for texture and interest, along with garden cherubs, gazing globes, wind chimes, and wrought iron planters and wall hangings. Keep watching, as there will be more stone added as their plan evolves.

On the left, leading to the back garden, they added egg rock and hydrangeas in an area that had been too challenging for other plants and shrubs to thrive.

Gregg and John added a commercial sprinkler system to enable the carpet of zoysia sod to thrive and complete the beauty of this Avondale treasure!