gom july 18

Wonderful new landscaping at the Avondale Community Club

This is a unique project that has taken over two years to complete, and it involved all members of the Club’s board, as well as other consultants.

The land surrounds the historic (circa mid-to-late 1920’s) building where the Avondale Community Club hosts its monthly events, as well as other community meetings such as the garden clubs. Also, the building, now known as “The Lake House” is often rented for weddings, birthday celebrations, and many other events throughout the year, so the time-worn landscaping was no longer adequate. Where to begin?? Board member Tom Granger agreed to head up the project. Thanks to him and his extremely competent “garden consultant”, Christi Granger, the process was finally outlined and begun. When interviewed, Tom was extremely grateful for everyone on the board, as well as several other consultants, for helping to bring the project to fruition!

Creating a new landscape plan for a home is daunting enough, but this was much more complex. Issues such as topography, drainage, varying soil types were assessed carefully. These things would dictate the kinds of plants, shrubs and trees to be used. Also, Tom and his team had to balance aesthetics with practicality. They had to be sure to choose plants, shrubs, and trees that would not be too tall or large when mature, but still look attractive immediately upon completion. After all, the landscape needed to complement the lake, building, and grounds upon completion, and it also needed to provide a variety of backdrops for renters and residents when photographing weddings and other events.

There were two major companies involved in the process: (1) “Trillium Landscapes”, which provided the original plan and built hardscapes that needed to be constructed; and (2) “Plants,” which handled some re-design of the original plan, all plant installation, and still handles ongoing maintenance.

All along the way, Tom kept team members aware of how the process was going so that everyone could be informed and involved. As a result of this continued communication among board members, numerous suggestions for improvement of the plans were incorporated, leading to the final design, which enhances the city’s rich character.

Citizens of Avondale should be appreciative of the positive and lasting impression this “Garden” will leave on everyone passing through our city. And, finally, a huge thanks to Tom, Christi, and everyone on the ACC board for volunteering their time, effort, and talent to this project!

Avondale Community Club Board of Directors:
President: Ernie Ahlquist, Vice President: Joe Anziano, Treasurer: Mary Bell, Secretary: Mary Ann Anziano
Board Members:
Louis Belline, Bob Burgess, Bill Clark, Tom Granger, David Kazanowski, Jean Kingsbury (also Facilities Manager), Kathy Kingsbury, Christine McMahan, John Mizell, Ted Penrod, Kerry Quinn