gom 0618

The Green Family
115 Berkeley Road

Contrasting colors and textures of shrubs like pittosporum, yew, loropetulum, and Rheingold arborvitae work together to move your eye up the slope of velvety grass in this front yard, where more of the same textures and colors are repeated at the top and left.

Midpoint and to the right, a narrow maple with its brilliant red leaves accents the artful design of this beautiful garden.

Ridgely credits March Glenn and his company, RMG Landscaping, for the lush lawn.

Much of the basic planting design was already there when their young family moved from a smaller Avondale home in 2015, but they replaced a brick area near the front porch with stone to complete the upper front entry stone theme, and added creatively designed pots at the front entrance with other colorful plants along the walkway at the top make this a beautiful complement to the historic home.