gom 0518

Don and Linda Coatsworth
3 Lakeview Place

The diagonal line of the stone walkway, part of a design done by Dottie Myers 20 years ago, draws your eye to the renovated entrance and covered porch which was part of the home’s new exterior, completed just this year. Don and Linda got Rich Hart to update the landscaping and he did the plan as well as the installation. The old walkway is now secured with concrete between the stones, making it much safer and more pleasant to navigate, and the plants on either side make you want to stop and admire the “showstopper” peonies, contrasted by the basil and other attractive blooms.

Near the front sidewalk, the new Spirea picks up the same hue as the Sunshine Ligustrum further back, and the lovely yellow green repeats itself in the orderly grass planted in the verge under and around the beautiful crepe myrtles. The smoke bush, maples, and lorapetalum create a perfect contrast with the greens and yellows placed with such perfect sense of balance and interest. Though the basil is still small, as it matures and becomes plentiful, Linda invites neighbors and friends to feel free to help themselves to a few sprigs.

As they mature, some of the newer things like the Crimson Bark Japanese Maple may affect Don and Linda’s’ choices of plantings, but all of us who appreciate a pretty garden also recognize the need to be flexible and adaptable when the need occurs! . And then, there are the changes that happen because we just see something we must have in our garden! That’s part of the fun of it all!

This will be an ever-evolving and interesting garden, owned by real lovers of beauty and nature, with a true artist’s attention to detail!