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Heather Ray & Derrick Ho
1141 Dunwick Drive

The front yard already had a nicely shaped bed, planned around a boulder and 2 yucca plants which had been there since 1961.

Unfortunately, their original landscape company’s efforts to install plants that complemented the bed were rather unsuccessful in that all the plants, one by one, died.  But enter the ever-positive and creative Heather!

As a plant would die, Heather would install her own choice---a lovely Coral Bark Japanese Maple, and a red lacy leaf Japanese maple. She also moved one arborvitae from their back garden, and added more to balance the area.

There are spectacular Snapdragons and an unusual Scotch Broom that make you smile, as well as other colorful flowers in the front island.

To the left, as you look at the house, boxwoods frame the border where a lovely Snowball Vibernum provides beautiful accent. And, a Water Oak at the front door will continue to provide shade and beauty for a long time as the garden continues to become more beautiful year after year.

And then there’s the beautiful grass, maintained by Arbornomics and Curtis Landscape because Heather is “obsessed with her fescue”!