gom october 17

Megan & TJ Grove
5 Clarendon Avenue

Our October selection for Garden of the Month was chosen for the tasteful color and textures that have transformed this garden in the nine years that Megan Groves has owned the home. Her beautiful and welcoming combinations reflect her family landscaping background with which she grew up, as well as her own great vision and instincts.

When Megan first saw the home, the garden was overgrown and neglected, covered with random, half-dead trees and an overgrown Nandina hedge which entirely hid the lovely front porch. She initially had 14 trees removed, and tons of topsoil added where old tree roots had once been as deep as 20 feet. Two statement trees that she chose not to remove are the China Fir Tree separating the driveway entrance, and the beautiful River Birch with its signature peeling bark in back of the new white wood fence.

The Nandina was replaced by a sweet, short hedge of Boxwoods, paired with purple “blew my mind” Impatiens, accenting the new turquoise and white furniture on the front porch.
She then purchased two new trees, Natchez Crape Myrtles, from Davis Dunbar, who helped her plant them on the verge; then she added Red Rock Crape Myrtles, complementing the overall aesthetics and lovely lines of the house and garden, now and for years to come.

Her next main goal was to have “really great grass”, accomplished by installing Empire Zoysia, and with the loving care she and her new husband, T.J., gave it over a 2-year period, it has become the soft and lush carpet of grass we see there today!

As you pass through the arbor in the fence to the back, another “secret garden” comes alive with its fire pit and comfortable outdoor furniture, mirroring the color scheme from the front. It offers privacy to entertain, or just relax as a family, with its soft surroundings of Knockout Roses, Hydrangeas, and Jasmine.

In total, the garden represents her belief in “doing things that give you energy”, and is her family’s legacy to Avondale.