Garden of the Month

The corner lot makes spirits bright,
Cicadas chirr and glowworms light,
And hummingbirds suspend in air
To sip the nectar proffered there.

The patterns in the pretty yard
One’s memory have duly jarred;
Imprinted there the morning view,
Kaleidoscope and changed by 2:00.

Bend tending to each plant and shrub
(where many are in vase and tub),
I saw the dedicated champ
Move some to shade and some to damp.

He cares for all these living things,
Whatever each requires he brings.
In turn rewarding him they grow
And put on a fantastic show.

Abelias of Avondale By Dorothy Karandanis, Avon Garden Club member
gom april 19

John & Angela Laughter
15 Kensington Road

march gom

Dee & Tom Merriam
8 Lakeview Place

gom feb 19

Jim Knoer & Kristin Adams
44 Lakeshore Drive

gom 0119

Rik & Diane Henry
7 South Avondale Road

gom dec 18

George & Jennifer Smith
25 Wiltshire Drive

67 dartmouth

Steve & Ntalie Schneider
67 Dartmouth Avenue

GOM 10 18

Carol Tveit
99 Clarendon Avenue

september 18 gom

John Gaul & Greg Locke
1154 Berkeley Road

august 18 gom

Jarrett Muncy and Ben Dostal
10 Melford Place

gom july 18

Wonderful new landscaping at the Avondale Community Club

gom 0618

The Green Family
115 Berkeley Road

gom 0518

Don and Linda Coatsworth
3 Lakeview Place

gom 4 18

Heather Ray & Derrick Ho
1141 Dunwick Drive