barbara swicegoodDear All Garden Club Members,

In 2004 I moved to Avondale Estates and soon received an invitation from the Avon Garden Club to attend a meeting and possibly join the club. Recently divorced, moving to a new area, needing to make new friends, and establishing a sense of belonging into a community, the invitation was a welcomed one. I promptly fell in love with the Garden Club-all aspects-the people, the programs, the food and the community of Avondale Estates This was where I belonged.

Now it is my turn to give back the caring, energy, and fun that I received during these many years. In this spirit of gratitude for our club, its members, the many beautiful learning experiences, and the excellent food throughout these years, I want to thank you and serve you all graciously, honestly, responsibly, and joyously. As we enter this uncharted future, I want these next two years to be filled with kindness and conscious respect for our planet, each other, our families, our pets, our plants and our community.

My gratitude extends to all the past presidents who have excellently taken on this mantel of responsibility and moved us forward into many positive directions.

I ask each of you to come on this magnificent journey willingly and without restraint to make a big difference in our club, community, and world! It is going to be a fun-filled and active two years, with lots of great projects, luncheons, programs, fund raisers, and celebrations. Hang on and hang in! The journey begins.