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Update on Avon Garden Club Walking Assessment

Speakers: City Management and Public Works Staff Members

In April 2019 several members of the Avon Garden Club undertook an informal walking assessment of the public portions of eight residential areas of Avondale Estates identifying any issues that the members thought needed to be remedied or addressed by the City’s Public Works Department. This assessment was initiated by Club member Kathy Deprey who compiled the results of the walking assessment into a report that she presented to the City.

We have invited staff from the City Manager and the Public Works departments to update us on the City’s progress in addressing the issues raised by the walking assessment. They will also discuss any other duties of the Public Works Department that impact the residential areas of the City and how the Club might support their efforts in furtherance of the goal of community beautification.

Inspiration:  Dorothy Karandanis

Horticultural Tip: Karyl Davis

Environmental Tip: Mary Galpin

Garden Guide: Weed and feed your lawn; prepare beds for spring digging; leave foliage but deadhead spent blooms.


Hostesses: Kathy Deprey, chair, assisted by Chris Kiefer, Michele Spears, Sarah Zimny, Helen Thompson, Rosemary Cox, Mary Lou Oechsner, Sharon Annan, Penny Abraham