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So Glad We Asked - Wise Words from Wise Women

Informal Panel Discussion

Moderator:  Barbara Swicegood Fisher, Avon Garden Club President

Participating in our panel will be longtime members of Avon Garden Club and some longtime residents of Avondale Estates who have been mainstays of the Club and the community. 

Come and listen to these women recount their experiences in the Avon Garden Club and the community.  Gain insights and knowledge from their recollections and appreciation for their contributions.

Inspiration: Taylor St. Clair

Horticultural Tip:  Alice Sheehan

Environmental Tip: Beverly McElroy

Garden Guide: Move plants; plant pansies; rake leaves and avoid matting; bring in patio plants and hanging baskets.


Hostesses: Jennifer Houpt, chair, assisted by JoAnn Thompson, Rosemary Mosteller, Bev McElroy, Marcia Partin, Ellie Smith, Kathy Cavallaro