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Monthly Meeting

Avon Garden Club Envisioning and Improvement Breakout Sessions              

Facilitator: Barbara Swicegood Fisher

10:30-11:20 am

Members will brainstorm ideas and ways to improve garden club functions and activities. Goal for discussions is to discover the feasibility of making some positive changes moving forward.

Barbara Swicegood is serving her second term as AGC’s First Vice President

Inspiration, Horticulture and Environmental Tips should not exceed two minutes each:

Inspiration: Suzy Jennings

Horticultural Tip: Carolyn Chandler

Environmental Tip: Chris Kiefer

Garden Guide: Weed and seed your plant beds. Plant Southern magnolias and woody vines like clematis and gold flame honeysuckle. Now is also a great time to plant strawberries and figs.

Hostesses: Mary Lou Oechsner, Chair; Kathy Deprey, Helen Thompson, Michelle Spears, Rosemary Cox, Mary Fite, Sarah Zimney, Sharon Annan, Penny Abraham, Chris Kiefer