Invite a Monarch to Lunch

Speaker: Trecia Neal, Biologist and Monarch Watch Conservation Specialist

Pollinators have been in the news lately because of the dramatic drop in the numbers scientists and citizens have observed and reported data on for the last few years for several very interesting Citizen Science projects.  Monarchs are an iconic and well-loved species, the state insect of seven different states. The monarch is the only butterfly to make a two-way migration. Currently, the migration is listed as “an endangered natural phenomena”.

Trecia Neal will discuss the biology and ecology of the monarch, why the migration is endangered, as well as current conservation efforts and how you can help.

Trecia Neal was a biologist at Fernbank Science Center in Atlanta for over 30 years.  She retired in 2017. Her areas of expertise are ornithology, environmental education, and establishing outdoor classrooms and gardens at schools.  For over eighteen years, she has been teaching students and teachers about the wonders of monarchs. Trecia has a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in science education with an emphasis in animal behavior. In 2015 Trecia received the Outstanding Biology Teacher Award for Georgia from the National Association of Biology Teacher in recognition of her career’s work in environmental education. Upon retirement, Trecia formed an LLC called Green Gardens Education and Designs and works with homeowners to make their residence wildlife friendly.

Trecia was also the project director for the School Master Gardener program that trained over 300 Master Gardeners from 50 different schools across DeKalb County.  Since 2003 these participants have volunteered over 25,000 hours at their local schoolhouses with over 35,000 students.  Numerous Junior Master Gardener Clubs have formed in the local schoolhouses. This program has also brought in over $63,461 in grant money at the local schools since 2008.

Inspiration: Stephany Cross

Horticultural Tip:  Kathy Kingsbury

Environmental Tip: Jennifer Houpt

Garden Guide: Fertilize trees; prune roses; if you need help, call the extension service as it is free;  lime garden areas and hydrangeas.


Hostesses: Candy Jones, chair, assisted by Mary Galpin, Kerry Quinn, Bev McElroy, Jane Howe, Terry Followill, Karyl Davis, Linda Mast, Erika Brown