Monthly Meeting

What’s Happening at Woodlands Gardens?

Lecture with PowerPoint Presentation

Presented By: The Woodlands Garden Staff

10:30 – 11:20 a.m.

Woodlands Garden is a Wooded Wonderland in the heart of Decatur. It consists of a 7-acre tract which was donated to Decatur in 2002 by the Morse family and an additional 1-acre tract that was recently purchased. In 2010, the Avon Garden Club toured Woodlands Garden but since that time much work, effort and creativity has gone into the maintenance and improvement of the garden. The Woodlands staff will provide background on the garden as well as updating us on the recent improvements at the garden prior to the garden’s projected re-opening in late May.

Inspiration, Horticultural and Environmental Tips should not exceed two minutes each:

Inspiration: Alana Graves

Horticulture Tip: Melitta Brandt

Environmental Tip: Heather Ray

Garden Guide: Create a colorful display of annuals; remember April 15th is the last frost date for our area. Start planting warm weather veggies, herbs, annual vines (such as morning glory and moonflower), and bulbs/tubers without fear.

Hostesses: Jennifer Houpt, Chair; Alana Graves, Jo Anne Thompson, Linda Cook, Elaine Mizell, Ellie Smith, Dorothy Karandanis, Heather Ray, Phoebe Stephens, Faye Noble

Location ACC