Monthly Meeting
What Can I Do, To Reduce the Impact of Plastics?

Discussions, Demonstrations and Displays

Presented By: Members of AGC’s Environmental Committee, as facilitated by Kathy Deprey, Michele Spears and Chris Kiefer

10:30 a.m.--11:20 a.m. 

Via visual displays, demonstrations, and discussion, the program will include:

  • facts about plastic
  • the world environment in relation to plastic
  • advantages of plastic (you know there really are some) and disadvantages
  • actions on a global scale to reduce the negative impact
  • actions on a personal scale

Attendees will be provided with their own action plan / checklist.

Kathy Deprey, Michele Spears and Chris Kiefer are all residents of Avondale Estates and have been enthusiastic members of the Environmental Committee since its formation.

Inspiration, Horticultural and Environmental Tips should not exceed two minutes each:

Inspiration: Jean Kingsbury

Horticultural Tip: Suzy Jennings

Environmental Tip: Melitta Brandt

Garden Guide: Fertilize trees and summer flowering shrubs. Prune roses, and lime garden areas which contain hydrangeas you want to be pink or purple. Never cover plants with plastic to protect them from the cold, as heat builds up quickly when the sun comes out. Cover with an old sheet or blanket instead.

Hostesses: Alicia LaRocco, Chair; Christi Granger, Wanda Belline, Kathy Delaney, Terry Followill, Sue Sneed, Melitta Brandt, Karyl Davis, Rosa Capps, Mary Bell


Shopping Bags

Join Michele Spears and Kathy Deprey to create reusable shopping bags.

Participation is optional

Location ACC