barbara swicegoodDear All Garden Club Members,

The first year of my presidency was fast paced and fun filled, with lots of change, joy, sadness, losses, kindness, compassion, and laughter. We saw and experienced excellence in our new focus on recycling, which will impact our city and county. We were a part of many fantastic programs, which taught us and nudged us to raise our consciousness level to all kingdoms - mineral, plant, animal, and human.

We enjoyed the yumminess and beauty of our food and its presentation. We were saddened by our losses of members, either through their passing away, moving, changing roles, or becoming infirm and non participatory.

We had wonderful, fun filled activities: our Christmas party, our beautiful installation luncheon, and our great field trip to Gibbs Gardens. We worked together, played together and grieved together, thus cementing our bonds, commitment, and vision.

Our many successes include the annual pancake breakfast fundraiser, post Halloween trash pickup, Garden Week celebration, and holiday wreath making. The Avondale Estates Elementary School book donation, The Frightened Frog, helped the school achieve STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) certification.
We won awards for our programs, yearbook, website, newsletter and plants at the Yellow Daisy Festival. Our club donated time and money to worthwhile efforts for our City, Central State Hospital residents, patients at the Atlanta Veterans Administration Hospital, programs sponsored by the Garden Club of Georgia and the DeKalb County Federation of Garden Clubs. In recognition of all the work the garden clubs do to make our Avondale world a better place, we were chosen, along with Avondale Estates Garden Club, to serve as the Grand Marshals of the 4th of July parade- quite an honor.

Personally, I wish to thank you all for your beauty, integrity, willingness, compassion and forgiveness. You were so loving and supportive of me in my first year. Your encouraging notes, pats on the back, and verbal assurances have delighted and sustained me through this process.

It is an honor to serve you. I look forward to another year filled with light, energy, vision, passion and fun. Thanks so much- I am indeed a lucky woman to have you all in my life.