endowmentPurpose:  The Endowment Fund is funded by tax-deductible contributions from members and friends of the Club.  Investment income from the Fund will provide money over and above the regular club budget for projects designated by the Club, allowing gifts and memorials to be used in perpetuity.

Organization:  The Endowment Fund Committee shall consist of two ex officio members, the President and the Treasurer, a committee Chair, appointed by the President, and two members at large.  The Chair shall serve on the Executive Committee.  She will be responsible for maintaining a permanent written record of donors and memorials, and for providing appropriate notes to donors and the families of those memorialized.

Guidelines:  All donations will be invested as the committee deems for maximizing income without unduly endangering the principal.    

Only the income from investments will be used for Club projects.

The following process shall determine when and how funds will be spent.
The committee will recommend a project to receive funding, as funding becomes available, to the Executive Board, which, upon approval, will then present the project to the Club as a whole for a vote.  Members are encouraged to bring worthy projects to the attention of the committee.  
These guidelines will be reviewed every three (3) years by the committee to make any necessary changes.  These guidelines will not be part of the Constitution/Bylaws, but will be a separate document to be published as such in the Yearbook annually.  
In the event of the dissolution of the Avon Garden Club, the Endowment Fund monies shall be disbursed to the City of Avondale Estates, with a designated purpose as recommended by vote of the Club membership.