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candy lifeOur own Candace Jones has received her Dekalb federation Life Membership Pin.

She grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Her friend and fellow garden club member, Kerry Quinn, says Candy very cleverly went on to Hawaii for graduate school.

It was Avon Garden Club’s lucky day when Candy retired from WIC as a dietician and joined our Club in 2013.


Candy has currently been the Vice President for 2 years and will continue in this role next year.
She has planned wonderful informative and enjoyable programs for our ever growing garden club of 81 members.

This year she served on the Constitution and Bylaws Revision Committee, giving this herculean task countless hours of hard work and leadership.

She is a very dependable and energetic member of Avon Garden Club.
In her spare time, Candy has been busily landscaping her gardens and restoring her home in Avondale Estates.