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perennialsOur March program speaker was Chris Adams, an avid traveler, sailor and a Master Gardener since 2006. She was the 2016 president of the North Fulton Master Gardeners and the Sandy Springs Garden Club for 2013-2015.  

The class covered getting started, as well as tips and techniques to help your perennials prosper for years to come.

Topics included:
  • preparing soil
  • selecting plants
  • planting perennials
  • dividing mature plants
  • watering, mulching and weed control
  • fertilizing
  • pinching and deadheading 
  • end-of-season cleanup
  • easily grown varieties

Chris was kind enough to share the presentation documents with us. Click on the Document title to download and view the documents.

Planting and Caring for Perennials
Flowering Perennials for Georgia Gardens
Perennial Plant of the Year Past Winners
Soil Testing