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aes workdayThe Avon Garden Club completed their City Beautification Project at Avondale Elementary School during a work day at the school September 27 2017. It was a joint project of the Avondale Elementary Foundation, the city of Avondale Estates, and Avon Garden Club. The landscape plan was designed and donated by Plants Creative Landscapes of Decatur.
The final phase of the landscape plan included thirty six plants including azaleas, podocarpus, and yews. Members of the community were given the opportunity to donate a plant, or plants, in honor or memory of some one. Twenty seven of the thirty six plants were spoken for almost immediately. A plaque, or markers, will be installed at the school listing the names of those for whom plants were given.
A project like this takes many hands. Thanks go to our City Manager Clai Brown and the Avondale Estates Public Works, who cleared and prepared the area for planting. Avon Garden Club members enjoyed playing in the dirt to install all thirty six of the plants. Club members were joined in their efforts by the daughter-in-law and granddaughter of one of the honorees.