kathy depreyKathy Deprey has been an Avon Garden Club member for many years.

During her tenure she has served as President and has held other offices as well.

For the past two years she has chaired or co-chaired the Environmental Committee which was established during the 2016-2017 club year. In this capacity she has successfully developed and implemented many initiatives to increase the Club’s environmental awareness and activities.

As many of you may know, Kathy and her husband, Rod, have a home in Maine where they spend about three months annually. She is a retired Latin teacher who has been convinced to come out of retirement from time to time for short-term stints as a teacher.

Kathy is known for her creativity and energy in pursuing the objectives of Avon Garden Club. She has a grown son, Peter.

rosemary mostellarRosemary Mosteller was born at Emory University Hospital and has lived in the Decatur area all her life. She has lived in Avondale Estates since 1991.

Rosemary graduated from Oglethorpe University.

She retired after thirty years from the DeKalb County School System, having served as a classroom teacher, elementary instructional lead teacher, and assistant principal. Thank you, Rosemary for your service to our children and our community!

She is a member of the Decatur-DeKalb Retired Educators Association. Rosemary is a member of Second Ponce de Leon Baptist Church and she enjoys participating in the church’s activities for adults. She enjoys working on family genealogy with her cousins.

p maddoxPat Frontier Maddox’s family moved to Avondale from Chicago when she was just a year old.  Her father was in the furniture business and he had designed & patented a brass planter lamp which enabled the family to leave the frigid north and move to the sunny south in 1948.  Coincidentally, Pat inherited one of the few remaining brass lamps upon the death of her aunt recently.  Over the years, members of Pat’s family have owned & lived in 6 different homes in Avondale!  Pat reports, “Daddy always used to say, ‘The Frontiers have certainly paid their fair share of taxes in this city!"     She goes on to state that growing up in Avondale Estates during the 50's & 60's was idyllic. “I was a member of the original Avondale Swim Team from 1956-1963.  We were an AAU team & traveled all over the southeast each summer to compete in AAU-affiliated swim meets.  My brother, sister & I were fortunate to attend AES & AHS during the "glory days" of the 50's & 60's when Avondale had championship athletic teams, abundant school spirit & outstanding teachers who encouraged us to do ordinary things in extraordinary ways.  (I had a marvelous English teacher my junior and senior years...thank you Robin Dashiell Scott).”  

Pat’s first job was as a secretary in the accounting department of the Stone Mountain Memorial Association., and her first boss and mentor was Mary Payne.  Pat remarks, “How lucky can a girl get?”

“I was fortunate to be a stay-at-home mom after my two daughters were born in '68 and '72.  I joined the work force once again in 1983 when I worked for a criminal defense attorney in Decatur until my retirement in 2013.  David & I are blessed to have a "blended family" with four children between us, and we are further blessed to have 11 grandchildren & 2 great-grandchildren!”

Pat enjoys gardening, baking, calligraphy, decorating the house for all the holidays, including an immense Santa collection with over 250 Santa's.  However, she is the first to report that her pride & joy are my grandchildren and she enjoys spending as much time with them as possible!

Carolyn Chandler is a long-time Avondale Estates residents and has been an Avon Garden Club member for fewer years.  (Interestingly, she used to live in the house where Kerry and John Quinn live now.) 

Carolyn retired from St. Pius X Catholic School in 2006 after working as a librarian there for 24 years.  Since retirement Carolyn has done many interesting things.  For example, she spent three months as a VIP (Volunteer in the Park) on Cumberland Island, Georgia, living in an apartment above the Sea Camp Welcome Center.  In this capacity, she greeted campers who arrived and, after sufficient training, she oriented campers about the wild horses, protecting campers’ food supply from raccoons, and assigned campsites as well as other numerous and sundry duties.  She also made sure that visitors made the last ferry to the mainland.  After that she says, “Then I would open a beer, sit in a rocking chair, and watch the sunset on what seemed like my private island.”  The biggest challenge while living on the island was figuring out the ferry schedule so on her days off she could get into St. Mary’s for groceries and other staples. 

She also spent an additional month as an employee on Cumberland Island during time her duties were expanded.  More recently Carolyn has participated in English immersion programs for Spanish business people who want to learn English.  This spring she plans to return to Spain for two more weeks of participating in the English immersion program—with one week in between for travel—another of her passions.

c johnstonCheri Johnston has been a member of Avon Garden Club for a number of years and served several terms as our recording secretary.  She and husband, Jim Hutchens, have 6 adult children all of whom are married.  They have 16 grandchildren.

Cheri was recently accepted into the Master Gardener program and is currently going through the coursework necessary to complete the class.  She describes the classes as being the equivalent of college course in their level of difficulty and acknowledges that the coursework is challenging.  

When Cheri was a child growing up in Texas, she and her brother were amateur performers, lip-synching before the term was invented.  With her father as their “manager” Cheri and her brother traveled around the Ft. Worth Texas area entertaining in venues such as retirement homes and hospitals and even at a Magic Convention.  The act won a talent contest at the Texas Theatre which later became infamous for the capture of Lee Harvey Oswald.    

j briceJean Brice served as President of Avon Garden Club from 1984-1986 and has been honored as a Lifetime Member of the DeKalb Federation of garden clubs. 

Currently Jean serves as Membership Chair, a position she has held for many years.  Under her leadership we have seen a dramatic increase in membership.  Jean has 3 sons, 7 grandchildren, and 1 great granddaughter!  While she lived for many years on Wynn Way, Jean currently resides at the Regency on Winn Way in Decatur.  Jean loves playing bridge as well as working crossword puzzles and reading.

d aillionDonna Aliion has been a member of Avon Garden Club for many years and currently serves on the Membership Committee, a post she has held for several years.  Donna is married and has one son.  She is an animal lover.  In addition to her activity in Avon Garden Club, Donna is also active in the Avondale Woman’s Club and currently serves as Vice President of that group.  Donna says that 27 years ago she and her husband were living in a small Decatur home.  One Saturday she noticed a house for sale on Avondale Lake.  She says that she called her husband and told him that they were going to buy the house on the lake.  When her husband replied that one does not purchase a house sight unseen, Donna made arrangements for them to see the house the next day.  They wrote a contract on the house the following Thursday and the family has lived in the house across from the Lake ever since.

t followillTerry Followill is fairly new to Avondale Estates and to Avon Garden Club.  Terry’s brother Jim Davis has lived on Fairfield for many years.  Terry has two married children who live in the Atlanta area, a son in Tucker and a daughter in Virginia-Highlands.  Terry serves on the Garden Therapy Committee.  She relates the following anecdote:  Over Labor Day of 2014 I was in a group that spent the week-end at a cabin in Highlands that had been highly recommended.  The cabin was charming but damp and musty, so we were pretty disappointed.  Our opinion changed, however, when we happened to learn that the previous renter was the author Pat Conroy and that the cabin was his “go-to” place for a few weeks each summer.  We were star struck!

t st clairMany of us already know that Taylor St. Clair can often be seen walking her dog in the neighborhood and can be seen at Avon Garden Club meetings.  But, did you know that Taylor can also be seen in films and TV?  Yes, she is an actress.  Ask her about her credits.  Taylor makes one of a kind wraps/capes and one of a kind knitted cowls, scarves and shawls and has sold her lovely creations at Avondale’s Holiday Market.  In addition she also makes all-purpose greeting cards, the graphics for which are photographs she has made.  A woman of many talents!  Taylor was also a member of the FSU Flying Circus when she was in college at Florida State University.

m spearsMichele Spears has been an active Avon Garden Club member for a number of years, including serving as President.  She continues to be very active, serving as our Federation Representative and co-chairing the Yellow Daisy Flower Show committee.  She describes herself as a devotee of 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s culture—anything from film to design.  She collects all sorts of items from those decades. She also collects and cares for a wide range of plants. Michele has shared her gift for art with the Club for years, providing beautiful drawings for our annual yearbook.