You’ve started your spring and summer gardens already, and now you have a bunch of plastic pots that you don’t want or need.  Don’t throw them into a landfill.  Either put them into your recycling bin or return those pots to a garden center.  Or reuse! 

When you’re dividing your Lenten roses and cannas and hostas, put them into those used pots sitting under your potting table or at the back of the garage, then give that nice plant away to a neighbor.  Or bring it to the next Federation of Garden Clubs meeting for someone there to take home.  There’s always a fun selection of special plants at Federation, free for the taking, so add yours to the mix. 

Federation meetings are open to everyone, fourth Thursday of most months, at Callenwolde 10:00 a.m. with light refreshments and great programs.  Just so you know.  And you are invited.