Take a look into your trash.  What are you throwing away, which could actually be recycled or composted?  Cereal boxes, cardboard egg cartons, TP and towel rolls can compost.  Same for the boxes for plastic wrap and tinfoil (tear off that serrated edge first).  Foil can go into your recycling bin – use it a few times, wipe it off, and presto change-o, it’s recycled into new foil.  Those non-plastic milk and juice cartons can go into your recycling bin.  Plastic jugs and bottles, yes, add them in but make sure they are clean.  Any food or drink left in recyclable items contaminates the entire load and it all goes into landfill instead.  Empty ‘em out!  Clean ‘em out!  

Magazines are now recyclable – the glossy coating doesn’t affect that.  Junk mail goes in too, so there really is a use for it after all.  And phone books – if you’ve still got one and don’t want it – they recycle too!  Keep office paper (white) separate from newsprint and magazines – have a dedicated trash can by your computer and printer (and print less anyway).  

But those plastic grocery bags? No, no, no, do not put them into the recycling bin.

Isn’t this wonderful?  What’s in your trash can that doesn’t need to end up in a landfill?  Maybe a lot of stuff.  If you sort it before you throw it, you’ll be surprised at how easy this is going to be.  Pat yourself on the back.  Spread the word.